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US Marine Corps

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Name Assigned
Cady, Andrew 6th MARDIV   
Cady, Wallace 4th MARDIV   
Cafarelli, Anthony 1st MARDIV   
Cafarelli, Pete 5th MARDIV   
Cafaro, Anthony 1st MARDIV   
Cafazza, Anthony 4th MARDIV   
Caffee, Murray 6th MARDIV   
Cafferata, Hector   
Cafferty, Earl 3rd MARDIV   
Cafferty, Francis 1st MARDIV   
Caffery, Raymond 6th MARDIV   
Caffey, Francis 2nd MARDIV   
Caffey, Jerome 6th MARDIV   
Caffey, Larry 6th MARDIV   
Caffrey, Edwin   
Cafora, Michael 1st MARDIV   
Cagan, Isadore 6th MARDIV   
Caggiano, Anthony 2nd MARDIV   
Caggiano, Gabriel 1st MARDIV   
Cagle, Billy 5th MARDIV   
Cagle, Donald 2nd MARDIV   
Cagle, George 1st MARDIV   
Cagle, Henry 5th MARDIV   
Cagle, James 1st MARDIV   
Cagle, Joe 1st MARDIV   
Cagle, Raymond 1st MARDIV   
Cagle, William   
Cahalane, James 4th MARDIV   
Cahill, Daniel 2nd MARDIV   
Cahill, Felix 4th MARDIV   
Cahill, Howard 5th MARDIV   
Cahill, James 3rd MARDIV   
Cahill, John 5th MARDIV   
Cahill, Kevin 3rd MARDIV   
Cahill, Vincent 4th MARDIV   
Cahill, William 5th MARDIV   
Cahill, William   
Cahill, William 5th MARDIV   
Cahoon, Celon   
Cahoon, Francis 6th MARDIV   
Cahoon, Reginald   
Cail, Elden   
Cail, Elden   
Cail, Harold 6th MARDIV   
Caillavet, Wilfred 6th MARDIV   
Caillouet, Lester   
Caimi, Louis   
Cain, Andrew 1st MARDIV   
Cain, Andrew 2nd MARDIV   
Cain, Argus 3rd MARDIV   
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