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101st Philippine Division

You didn't see many soldiers around during most of the war with the carabao of the Philippine Division on their shoulders. Everybody knows why their insignia were so little on public exhibition. They were among the defenders of Bataan.

The Philippine Division was a Regular Army outfit stationed in the Philippine Islands, and composed of Regulars on tours of duty in that area.

When the Japanese struck in December 1941, the Division, along with thousands of Filipinos put under arms for the defense of their homeland, and also existing units of the native-born Philippine Scouts, tried gallantly to halt the inexorable enemy surge.

General Jonathan M. Wainwright, a former commander of the Philippine Division, knew what the trained soldiers of the outfit could do under normal conditions, but he never realized to what heights of gallantry they would rise in spite of hopelessly inadequate food, ammunition, and medical supplies. They just wouldn’t give up.

These were the men of the foxholes of Bataan. Their division was the first to engage in battle with the land armies of one of our enemies in World War II.

They knew the terrible cost and the agony of defeat.

They hoped in vain for the help their country was not yet able to send.

They fought when no one could have blamed them for surrendering.

They were cited three times for their heroism.

When they finally had to quit, those who were still alive suffered the tortures and indignities of the Death March and long years in filthy Japanese prison camps.

Their division ceased to exist as an active Army unit. Its men were gone, its records were gone—everything but its spirit was gone.

Now a few of those men are back home again. They wear their shoulder patch with pride, too, but perhaps with the special pride of men who have tasted all the worst of war.

From Fighting Divisions, Kahn & McLemore, Infantry Journal Press, 1945-1946.

101st Philippine Division World War II Missing in Action

There are 15 soldiers of the 101st Philippine Division World War II still listed as missing in action.

Captain Robert E. Ennis 103rd Infantry Regiment 09/07/1944
Major Earl C. Frandsen 101st Infantry Regiment 01/09/1945
Lieutenant Colonel Reed Graves 101st Infantry Regiment 10/24/1944
Major Arlie W. Higgins 101st Infantry Regiment 10/24/1944
Captain John H. Macon 101st Infantry Regiment 01/09/1945
First Lieutenant Howard A. Martin 102nd Infantry Regiment 01/20/1945
First Lieutenant Edwin L. Miller 103rd Infantry Regiment 09/07/1944
Captain Ross I. Miller 101st Engineer Battalion 09/07/1944
Colonel Russell J. Nelson 101st Infantry Regiment 12/15/1944
First Lieutenant Jerome L. Raider 102nd Infantry Regiment 01/21/1945
Captain John R. Richardson 101st Infantry Regiment 09/07/1944
Captain Paul Shultz 101st Infantry Regiment 01/09/1945
Captain James R. Tuggle 101st Field Artillery Regiment 01/11/1945
Lieutenant Colonel Alvin T. Wilson 102nd Infantry Regiment 01/09/1945
Captain Glenn W. Wohler 102nd Infantry Regiment 10/24/1944

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