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Philippine Scouts

 Philippine Department

Philippine Department World War II Missing in Action

There are 156 soldiers of the Philippine Department World War II still listed as missing in action.

Second Lieutenant Gilbert R. Abell Philippine Motor Transport Depot 10/24/1944
Staff Sergeant Sebastian Acuin Headquarters 08/22/1942
Technician Fourth Grade Max Adleman Headquarters Company 10/18/1944
First Sergeant Emidio Alferis Headquarters Company 12/31/1944
Private Licerio Algarme Headquarters 05/19/1942
Private Alfonso Almaden Philippine Motor Transport Depot 03/31/1946
Private First Class Francisco Altiza Philippine Motor Transport Depot 05/19/1942
Chief Warrant Officer Frederic C. Ambrose Headquarters 11/04/1942
First Sergeant Jacinto Ancheta Headquarters Company 05/22/1942
Corporal George L. Anderson Headquarters Company 10/08/1944
Technical Sergeant John A. Anderson Headquarters 01/11/1943
Private Leon Antasoda Philippine Motor Transport Depot 07/01/1942
Corporal Fausto Ariola Headquarters Company 08/15/1942
Sergeant Sixto Aurelio Headquarters Company 04/02/1942
Private First Class Eulogio Avestruz Philippine Motor Transport Depot 02/28/1945
Private First Class Billy R. Ball Headquarters Detachment 09/28/1942
Private First Class Juan Barbadillo Philippine Motor Transport Depot 05/31/1942
Private Ramon O. Barona Philippine Motor Transport Depot 07/31/1946
Technical Sergeant Charles V. Bealler Philippine Engineer Depot 10/07/1942
Chief Warrant Officer Charles G. Benthien Headquarters 01/09/1945
Captain Harold F. Bishop Headquarters 01/23/1945
Private Augustine E. Bolger Headquarters Company 01/05/1945
Sergeant Patricio Bonifacio Headquarters Company 02/14/1947
Sergeant Damaso Bordallo Headquarters Company 10/02/1942
Corporal Harry A. Bradford Philippine Engineer Depot 10/24/1944
Technical Sergeant Theodore Brassington Headquarters Company 10/24/1944
Sergeant Ernest H. Bridgman Headquarters Company 10/24/1944
Private First Class Martin Brown Headquarters Company 12/30/1941
First Lieutenant Lawrence W. Buchanan Headquarters 01/02/1942
Captain Floyd M. Buchel Headquarters 04/01/1946
Private First Class John Burgerhoudt Headquarters Detachment 07/01/1942
First Lieutenant William Burrell Philippine Motor Transport Depot 10/24/1944
Corporal Maximo Cabaluno Headquarters Company 04/14/1942
Corporal Antonino Calpofro Headquarters Company 07/17/1942
Private First Class Herculano L. Capawa Philippine Quartermaster Depot 08/03/1942
First Lieutenant Orman W. Casey Philippine Engineer Depot 10/24/1944
Private Robert V. Casseday Philippine Engineer Depot 07/16/1942
Staff Sergeant Alfonso P. Celeste Philippine Motor Transport Depot 03/31/1946
Staff Sergeant William R. Connor Headquarters Company 08/16/1942
Corporal John A. Connors Headquarters Company 07/02/1942
Sergeant Oscar L. Cooper Headquarters Company 10/24/1944
Private First Class Hershel B. Cox Philippine Motor Transport Depot 10/24/1944
First Sergeant Vicente Dacuycuy Philippine Motor Transport Depot 05/08/1942
First Sergeant Cecilio M. De La Cuesta Headquarters Company 04/16/1942
Private First Class Francisco De Los Santos Philippine Motor Transport Depot 03/31/1946
Private Frank A. Dell Headquarters Company 01/09/1943
Chief Warrant Officer Henry H. Denning Headquarters 12/15/1944
Sergeant Moises Dina Headquarters 07/26/1946
Chief Warrant Officer George E. Dorman Headquarters 01/09/1945
Private First Class Marcos Duli Headquarters Company 06/08/1942
Major Charles R. Dunnagan Headquarters 09/07/1944
Private First Class Jacinto Eburlas Philippine Medical Depot 07/04/1942
First Lieutenant Jack Erwin Headquarters 07/20/1942
Corporal Lucas Flores Headquarters Company 07/02/1942
Sergeant Simon Garelick Headquarters Company 11/04/1942
Sergeant Andres Garin Philippine Ordnance Depot 09/24/1942
Sergeant Gregorio Gemenis Headquarters Company 06/14/1942
Private Lester W. Gray Philippine Motor Transport Depot 12/15/1944
Sergeant Lupo Griarte Headquarters Company 08/20/1946
Sergeant Fortunato Gubaton Headquarters Company 05/31/1942
Corporal Valeriano Guiang Headquarters Company 04/17/1942
Private Rodulfo D. Guillermo Philippine Motor Transport Depot 09/30/1944
Sergeant Henry B. Haralson Headquarters Company 10/24/1944
Corporal Hozie M. Harris Philippine Medical Depot 01/09/1945
Lieutenant Colonel Samuel L. Heisinger Headquarters 01/09/1945
Technical Sergeant Charles W. Henderson Headquarters Company 10/24/1944
Master Sergeant Gund Hettinger Headquarters Company 10/24/1944
Private Richard Hilliard Headquarters Company 10/24/1944
Captain Russell W. Hopper Headquarters 02/01/1946
Colonel John O. Hoskins Headquarters 01/22/1942
Major Harry D. Hull Philippine Quartermaster Depot 10/24/1944
Major Frank Ignaszewski Philippine Quartermaster Depot 01/23/1945
Chief Warrant Officer Richard Irby Headquarters Company 10/24/1944
Sergeant Nicolas Jacob Headquarters Company 01/02/1942
Warrant Officer Junior Grade Lacey O. Jenkins Headquarters 01/09/1945
Private First Class Donald E. Jones Philippine Medical Depot 01/24/1945
Captain Ralph Keeler Headquarters 01/28/1945
Lieutenant Colonel Orion V. Kempf Philippine Medical Depot 01/09/1945
Major Dale J. Kinnee Headquarters 12/15/1944
Sergeant Raymond N. Kitchens Headquarters Company 12/17/1942
Master Sergeant John Z. Kreider Headquarters Company 04/17/1942
Major William J. Latimer Headquarters 01/23/1945
Corporal Apolonio Legaspe Headquarters Company 06/02/1942
Staff Sergeant Charles C. Lewis Headquarters Company 07/21/1942
Captain Samuel W. Little Headquarters 12/15/1944
First Lieutenant Edward M. Lloyd Headquarters Company 09/07/1944
Corporal Juan Lobo Headquarters Company 06/08/1942
First Sergeant Antonio Lombang Headquarters Company 04/13/1942
Corporal Ereberto Lunzaga Philippine Motor Transport Depot 06/15/1942
Private Nemesio M. Macabangun Philippine Motor Transport Depot 11/29/1942
First Sergeant Domingo Manalastas Headquarters Company 08/23/1942
Private Panfilo A. Manantan Philippine Motor Transport Depot 05/15/1942
Private First Class Choice R. Maness Headquarters Company 10/24/1944
Sergeant Mariano Marinas Philippine Ordnance Depot 06/26/1942
Colonel Pastor Martelino Headquarters 01/08/1945
Private William C. Mashburn Headquarters Company 07/19/1942
Captain Edward M. Masterson Headquarters 04/12/1942
Corporal Gordon Mayaoyao Philippine Motor Transport Depot 05/02/1942
Major James T. McClellan Headquarters 01/27/1945
Colonel Alva E. McConnell Philippine Quartermaster Depot 04/14/1942
Major John D. McPherson Headquarters 10/24/1944
Private Alton L. Miller Philippine Motor Transport Depot 02/01/1946
Lieutenant Colonel Harry A. Mills Headquarters 06/30/1944
First Sergeant Leon Mirasol Headquarters Company 05/26/1942
Staff Sergeant Robert L. Mooneyham Headquarters Company 09/07/1944
First Lieutenant Harold A. Morey Headquarters 01/09/1945
Captain Roy Mosher Philippine Quartermaster Depot 12/15/1944
Private Marcial N. Nueva Philippine Motor Transport Depot 06/30/1942
Private Cristobal Olayvar Philippine Motor Transport Depot 03/31/1946
Sergeant Alejandro Ortiguero Headquarters Company 05/13/1943
Sergeant Roque Pardilla Headquarters Company 04/30/1942
Corporal Querino Z. Pardillo Headquarters Company 05/05/1942
Private Reginaldo Penalosa Headquarters Company 01/06/1945
Private Esteban Penaranda Philippine Motor Transport Depot 03/31/1946
Sergeant Victorio Penida Philippine Motor Transport Depot 02/07/1945
Private Santiago C. Peralta Philippine Motor Transport Depot 10/13/1943
Second Lieutenant Lester J. Petersen Philippine Motor Transport Depot 04/30/1942
Sergeant Frank M. Potter Headquarters Company 09/07/1944
Sergeant Gregorio Punla Headquarters Company 06/16/1942
Private Catalino Ramos Philippine Motor Transport Depot 03/31/1946
First Lieutenant Irving Rathblott Headquarters 01/10/1945
Private First Class Simplicio Regal Philippine Motor Transport Depot 07/13/1942
Private First Class Kieth J. Renshaw Headquarters Company 10/24/1944
Private First Class Candido R. Reonisto Philippine Motor Transport Depot 05/10/1942
Sergeant Ramondo Reyes Headquarters Company 01/18/1945
Private Gerard A. Richard Headquarters Company 10/24/1944
Sergeant Francisco Rivera Headquarters Company 07/12/1942
Private Federico P. Romero Philippine Motor Transport Depot 05/31/1942
Captain Matthew A. Rosenblum Headquarters 02/01/1946
Corporal Lazaro Rosino Headquarters Company 04/05/1942
First Sergeant Henry H. Rusch Headquarters Company 12/01/1942
Corporal Ysidoro Samala Headquarters Company 04/30/1942
Private First Class Fulgencio San Luis Philippine Ordnance Depot 07/17/1942
Private First Class Howard K. Schmidt Headquarters Company 04/12/1942
Sergeant Eustaquio Selis Headquarters Company 06/12/1942
Private Russell B. Sharpee Headquarters Company 02/15/1942
First Sergeant Gregorio Soliven Headquarters Company 05/30/1942
Chief Warrant Officer Clinton W. Sperry Headquarters 12/15/1944
First Lieutenant John W. Stephens Headquarters 09/07/1944
Captain Lee E. Stevens Philippine Motor Transport Depot 01/09/1945
Sergeant Johnny L. Storey Headquarters Company 02/29/1944
Corporal Pablo Sunga Philippine Motor Transport Depot 04/27/1942
Corporal Silverio Tadal Headquarters Company 04/04/1942
First Sergeant Fermin Tamayo Philippine Motor Transport Depot 03/31/1946
Private Jose M. Tenorio Philippine Motor Transport Depot 03/31/1946
Private George B. Thornton Philippine Motor Transport Depot 10/24/1944
Sergeant Allen J. Trentham Headquarters Company 10/24/1944
Private First Class Guillermo Turla Philippine Motor Transport Depot 06/13/1942
Staff Sergeant Felipe A. Villegas Philippine Motor Transport Depot 06/15/1942
First Sergeant Andres Viray Headquarters Company 08/24/1943
Master Sergeant Castor Viray Headquarters Company 04/09/1942
Private First Class Fred M. Wroten Headquarters Company 10/24/1944
Corporal Charles M. Wuest Headquarters Company 10/24/1944
Private Cecil F. Wulf Headquarters Company 02/01/1946
Sergeant Andrew W. Zogg Headquarters Company 02/01/1946
Sergeant Raymond F. Zupancich Headquarters Company 09/07/1944


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