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Military Occupational Specialty

Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) codes are the categorical arrangement of members of the military.  These codes defined the primary job of the soldier.  These codes greatly expanded during World War II, Some codes changed or evolved, but they are an important but oft overlooked tool for the researcher.   If you have a discharge (DD-214) of a family member, look at box 30.   The code and name for that code are located in this box.   This is the primary job that the person was trained to do.   Maybe you have a copy of a document, for the Army maybe it was a General Order or Special Orders document.  Besides some of the names on the document you might see a 1-4 digit number in ( parenthesis ), these denote their MOS.   Visit the following page for more help with researching a veterans history.


Code MOS
1Duties Unassigned or not qualified in MOS
2General Officer
2Weapons Mechanic
3Photographic Equipment Technician
3Relieved from duty, sick in hospital as patient
4Relieved from duty, sick, absent from post
4Army Air Force Aerial Photographer
5Brake Inspector
5Relieved from duty, on detached service
6Army Air Force Airplane Engine Mechanic
7Army Air Force Airplane Fabric Worker
8Army Air Force Airplane and Engine Mechanic
9Special assignment
12Electrician for Automotive Machinery
13Diesel Mechanic
14Automotive Mechanic
15Courier officer
16Laboratory Technician for V-Mail or Microfilm
20Band Leader
28Blueprinter or Photostat Operator
30Postal officer
33Brakeman, Railway
35Carpenter Heavy Construction
37Meat Cutter
39Cable Splicer/Tester for Telephone and Telegraph
40Automobile Body Repairman
41Cable Tester/Repairman for Telephone and Telegraph
42Camera Repairman
43Cameraman for Motion Picture
44Canvas Cover Repairman
46Car Carpenter, Railway
47Traffic Man, Railway
48Car Mechanic, Railway
50Carpenter, General
52Chief Clerk
55Clerk, General
56Mail Clerk
58Conductor, Railway
59Foreman Construction
63Crane (Machine) Operator
64Shovel (Machine) Operator
67Dental Laboratory Technician
69Dispatcher, Railway
71Draftsman Mechanical
72Physical Therapy Technician
74Draftsman Structural
75Draftsman Electrical
76Draftsman Topographic Charts and Reports
77Powerhouse Engineer
80Marine Engineer
81Engineman Operating
82Stationary Engineer
84Stationary Fireman
86Foreman Machine Shop
89Central Office Repairman
92Generator Switchboard Operator
95Central Office Repairman
97Installer/Repairman Telephone and Telegraph
98Instrument Repairman Nonelectrical
100Structural Steel Worker
102Foreman, Laundry
102Aircraft warning plotter officer
103Laundry Machine Operator
104Laundry Maintenance Mechanic
107Photo lithographer
110Locomotive Engineer
110Aircraft warning officer, ground reporting equipment
111Locomotive Fireman
112Locomotive Mechanic
113Woodworking Machine Operator
115Automatic Telephone System Maintenance Man
115Aircraft warning officer, ground observer officer
117Marine Fireman
118Small Boat Operator
120Meat or Dairy Inspector
120Aircraft warning officer, gun laying and searchlight equipment
121Utility Repairman
123Male Nurse Practical
128Multilith or Multigraph Operator
130Animation Artist
130Aircraft warning officer, airborne equipment
131Film Editor, Motion Picture
132Electrician, Motion Picture
134Laboratory Technician, Motion Picture
135Electric Locomotive Repairman
136Model Maker
137Projectionist, Motion Picture
138Motorcycle Repairman
140Radar officer
141Electronics officer
141Marine Oiler
142Radar observer, bombardment (designated sct).
144Painter, General
145Painter, Sign
145Radar Maintenance and repair officer
147Parachute Repairman
148Pattern Maker, Wood
150Crystal Grinder
151Radar officer - special (AH-1)
154Photographic Darkroom Man
158Microfilm Equipment Repairman
159Photo Radio Operator
160Physics Laboratory Assistant
160Radar filter officer
165Lineman Power Supplies
167Lithographic Pressman
169Job Pressman
170Engineering Aide (Designated Field)
174Radio Repairman
175Bandsman, Oboe
176Bandsman, Bassoon
177Radio Operator
178Radio Engineer (Technician)
181Signal Mechanic, Railway
182High Voltage Lineman
184Substation Operator
185Railway Signal Operator
186Receiving or Shipping Checker
187Repeaterman, Telephone
188Duty Soldier II
190Riveter Pneumatic
191Rodman and Chainman, Surveying
192Saddle and Harness Maker
193Salvage Inspector
194Salvage Technician
196Sanitary Technician
197Submarine Cable Station Technician
199Section Hand, Railway
200Sewing Machine Operator
200Communications officer
201Sheet Metal Worker
202Carpenter, Ship
204Shoe Repairman
205Shop Engineer, Railway
206Sound Projector Repairman
207Sound Recording Equipment Maintenance Man
208Sound Recorder, Motion Picture
209Submarine Cable Station Operator
210Signal officer
212Statistical Clerk
213Post signal officer
214Port signal officer
215Signal officer, basic
218Electrical Engineer
219Mechanical Engineer
220Pump Operator
220Signal center officer
221Signal center officer, field
222Signal center officer, fixed station
222Student Civil Engineering
223Student Electrical Engineering
224Signal center officer, cryptographic
225Radio intelligence officer
228Survey and Instrument Man
229Medical Equipment Maintenance Technician
230Surveyor Topographic
231Switchboard Installer Telephone and Telegraph
232Switchboard Installer Repairman, Manual
236Telegraph Operator
237Teletype Operator
238Lineman/Repairs Telephone and Telegraph
239Teletype Mechanic
240Tire Rebuilder
240Pigeon officer
242Toolroom Keeper
243Geodetic Computer
244Tractor Driver
245Truck Driver Heavy Trucks
246Cargo Gear Mechanic
250Veterinary Technician
250Sound and light officer
252Foreman Warehouse (Parts & Supplies)
256Welder Combination
258Substation Electrician
259Well Driller
260Telephone and telegraph maintenance officer
261Wire Chief Telephone and Telegraph
262Occupational Counselor
263Psychiatric Social Worker
264X-Ray Technician
266Dispatch Clerk Crew
272Key Punch Machine Operator
273Army Air Force Airplane Pilot
274Writer Military Subjects
275Classification Specialist
279Legal Clerk
280Court Reporter
281Third Rail Repairman
282Office Machine Serviceman
283Athletic Instructor (PT)
285Cameraman, Animated Motion Picture
286Motion Picture Production Technician
287Sound Editor, Motion Picture
289Personnel Consultant Assistant
290Personnel Technician
293Chemical Engineer
294Industrial Engineer
295Electrician Airplane
299Groundman Telephone and Telegraph
300Telephone Operator
302Machine Operator for Designated Machinery
303Hospital Orderly
304Electric Motor Repairman
308Stenotype Operator
309Telephone Operator
310Concrete Mixer Operator
316Automobile Repairman (Serviceman)
319Construction Equipment Mechanic
322Refrigeration Mechanic (Cooling Devices)
323Stock Record Clerk
324Stock Clerk
328Stock Room Clerk
330Aeronautical Engineer
333Instrument Repairman, Electrical
336Student/Trainee Business or Public Administration
337Foreman Auto Repair Shop
338Instrument Repairman Electrical
341Shop Maintenance Mechanic
342Master Mechanic
345Truck Driver Light Trucks
348Parts Clerk Automotive
350Bookkeeper General
351Bookkeeping Machine Operator
355File Clerk
356Foreman Labor
359Construction Machine Operator
360Hoist Operator (Fireman)
366Orthopedic Mechanic
367Oven Fireman
368Personnel Clerk
369Manager Production
371Purchasing Agent
373Sales Clerk
374Stock Control Clerk
377Tracer (Drawings)
379Traffic Rate Clerk
381Watch and Clock Maker
383Fire Fighter
384Installer Toll Telephone and Telegraph
390Auditor (Stock Takes)
392Student Drafting
397Student Mechanics
400Tabulating Machine Operator
400Telephone and telegraph officer
401High Voltage Cable Splicer
403Telephone Inspector
404Army Air Force Airplane Engine Service Mechanic
407Sound Mixer, Motion Picture
408Army Air Force Airport Control Operator
409Medical Technician
410Dispatcher Motor Vehicle
410Telephone and telegraph officer, inside plant
411Chemical Laboratory Technician
412Engine Specialist Machinist Automotive
413Motor Inspector
414Carburetor Specialist
415Electrician, Sound Transmission
420Telephone and telegraph officer, field line construction
425Tabulating Machine Repairman
430Telephone and telegraph officer, outside plant
431Machinist Helper
432Bandsman, Clarinet
433Bandsman, Cornet or Trumpet
434Bandsman, Bass Drum
434Telephone and telegraph officer, submarine cable
435Submarine cable station officer
435Bandsman, Snare Drum
436Bandsman, Euphonium or Baritone
437Bandsman, Flute or Piccolo
438Bandsman, French Horn
439Bandsman, Saxophone
440Bandsman, Trombone
441Bandsman, Tuba
442Entertainment Specialist
448Student/Trainee Geography
449Process Background Supervisor
455Diver's Helper
457Shop Clerk
458Dog Trainer
459Sawmill Machine Operator
462Forest Products Tallyman
464Millwright, Sawmill
466Foreman, Logging
470Cargo Checker
473Winch Operator
477Mechanic, Marine Engine
478Ship Fitter
479Still Operator
484Entomology Technician
485Petroleum Storage Technician
486Safety Inspector
487Petroleum Pumping Equipment Repairman
500Radio officer
501Radio officer, field
501Administrative and Technical Clerk
502Administrative Noncommissioned Officer
502Radio officer, fixed station
503Radio officer, VHE
503Liaison Agent
504Ammunition Handler
505Ammunition NCO
506Portable Power Generator Repairman
509Enlisted Bombardier
510Information Center Operator
513Army Air Force Airplane Inspector
514Army Air Force Radar Crewman (Designated Set)
518Ground Aircraft Observer
520Radar observer, night fighter
521Basic Soldier
521Army Air Force Airman Basic
522Duty Soldier I
526Balloon Crewman
527Antiaircraft Range Section NCO
528Army Air Force Aircraft Hydraulic Mechanic
529Wrecker Crewman or Operator
530Salvage Repair NCO
531Antitank Gun Crewman
532Communications officer, special (AH-2)
533Radio officer, special (AH-3)
533Demolition Specialist
534Chaplain's Assistant
534Radio officer, special (AH-4), staff
535Balloon Gas Handler
537Chief Switchboard Operator Local Battery
538Voice Interpreter (Designated Language)
539Glider Mechanic
540Chief Switchboard Operator Common Battery
542Communications Chief
543Radio Intelligence Control Chief
545Chief Telegraph Inspector / Chief Telegraph Operator
546Coxswain, Mine Yawl
547Master, L Boat
548Army Air Force Fabric and Dope Mechanic
550Army Air Force Airplane Woodworker
552Army Air Force Army Control Tower Operator
553Army Air Force Airplane Electrical Shop Chief
555Army Air Force Aircraft Sheet Metal Worker
558Army Air Force Airplane Instrument Shop Chief
563Horse Artillery Driver
564Special Assignment
565Pack Driver
566Duty NCO
571Electrician, Harbor Defense
572Seacoast Gun Data Computer
573Army Air Force Welder
574Army Air Force Bombsight and Automatic Pilot Repairman
575Army Air Force Remote Control Turret Repairman
576Flash Ranging Observer
577Survey and Instrument NCO, Field Artillery
578Observation Station Operator, Coast Artillery
579Casement Electrician
580Remote Control Turret Mechanic Gunner
581Signal Supply Technician
582Army Air Force Aerial Mine Technician
583Engineer Supply Technician
585First Sergeant
586Sound Ranging Observer
590Duty Soldier III
590Radio controlled target airplane officer
591Foreman Fumigation and Bath
593Army Air Force Link Trainer Repairman
595Field Wire Chief
597Antiaircraft Artillery Machine Gun Crewman
598Antiaircraft Artillery NCOP, Sp Weapons
600Motor transport officer
601Antiaircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Crewman
604Light Machine Gunner
604Terminal traffic inspector
605Wheel vehicle maintenance officer
605Heavy Machine Gunner
606Antiaircraft Machine Gunner
606Track vehicle maintenance officer
607Traffic control officer
607Light Mortar Crewman
608Gun Crewman, Coast Artillery
609Leather and Canvas Worker
609Motor transportation regulating officer
610Freight transportation officer
610Antitank Gun Crewman
611Aerial Gunner
611Passenger transportation officer
612Passenger and freight transportation officer
612Airplane Armorer / Gunner
613Computer (Calculations)
614Motor transportation movement officer
615Highway traffic engineer
615Chief Balloon Rigger
617Altitude Chamber Technician
619Balloon Rigger
620Parachute Rigger and Repairman
622Finance Technical Clerk
623Finance Clerk-Typist
624Finance Clerk
625Officer Candidate
628Senior Technical Instructor
631Intelligence NCO
631Stable officer
632Pack officer
633Fire Control Electrician, Antiaircraft (automatic weapons)
634Fire Control Electrician, Antiaircraft (gun)
634Wagon officer
635Searchlight Electrician
636Intelligence Observer
638Telephone Equipment Installer - Repairman Local Battery
639Balloon Armorer
640Mail transportation officer
641Field Lineman
642Motor transport planning officer
644Chief Field Linesman
645Fire Control Instrument Operator, Field Artillery
647Radio Repairman Aircraft Equipment
648Radio Repairman
649Radio Repairman Fixed Station
650Telephone Switchboard Operator
650Motor vehicle distribution officer
651Platoon sergeant
652Section Leader
653Squad Leader
655Listener Sound Locator
656Submarine Mine Loader
657Medical Aidman
658Link Trainer Instructor
659Instructor (Designated Subject)
660Tank Mechanic, Minor Maintenance
660Truck officer
661Car officer
662Dump truck officer
662Aerial Torpedo Mechanic
664Armament Inspector
665Fuel Cell Repairman
666First-Aid Man
667Message Center Clerk
668Amphibian truck officer
669Military Policemen, Occupied Territory
670Master Gunner, Coast Artillery
671Master Gunner, Antiaircraft (gun)
Code MOS
673Medical NCO
674Message Center Chief
676Messenger Dispatcher (Runner)
677Military Policeman
678Power Turret and Gunsight Mechanic
681Power Turret and Gunsight Repairman
683Bombsight Mechanic
684Airplane Power Plant Mechanic
685Airplane Electrical Mechanic, Specialist
686Airplane Instrument Mechanic, Specialist
687Airplane Propeller Mechanic
688Tow Target Reel Operator
689Airplane Cable Mechanic
690Transportation superintendent
691Flexible Gunnery Trainer Operator Mechanic
692Height Finder Observer
692Transportation staff officer
693Army Air Force Instrument Observer
696Ambulance Orderly
700Veterinary Ambulance Orderly
700Rail transportation officer
703Coxswain, Radio Target Boat
706Fumigation and Bathman
707Rail transportation regulating officer
707Radio Operator
709Traffic Analyst (Radio)
710Stable Sergeant
712Packer, Animal
714Mine Supply Maintenance Technician
715Railway maintenance of way superintendent
716Railway bridge and building supervisor
717Railway track supervisor
718Railway signal maintenance supervisor
719Oxygen & Acetylene Plant Operator
720Road foreman, railroad engines
721Railway water service supervisor
722Submarine Mine Planter
724Range Section Operator, Coast Artillery
727Water Supply Technician
731Smoke Generator Operator
732Amphibian Tractor Driver
733Reconnaissance Car Crewman
735Full-Track Driver
735Railway master mechanic
736Railway car foreman
737Enginehouse foreman
737Flight Engineer
738Intercept Operator, G
739Intercept Operator, J
740Radio Operator Intermediate Speed
740Railway dispatcher
741Telephone Operator Common Battery
746Automatic Rifleman
747Airplane and Engine Mechanic
748Airplane Mechanic - Gunner
749Army Airplane Engine Mechanic
750Airplane Maintenance Technician
750Railway operations superintendent
751Airplane Flight Chief
751Radio Mechanic
753Railway car service superintendent
754Railway equipment superintendent
754Radio Mechanic - AAF
755Radio Operator
756Radio Operator - AAF
757Radio Operator - Mechanic Gunner, AAF
759Radio Operator, CNS
760Radio Operator, AACS
761Electric railway power transmission superintendent
762Airplane Engine Repairman
763Searchlight Crewman
764Signal Noncommissioned Officer
765Visual Signalman
766Radio Operator, High Speed, Manual
768Control Center Technician
769Chief Storekeeper, Railway
770Airplane Pilot
772Liaison Pilot
773Service Pilot
775Radar Mechanic Ground Equipment (Designated Set)
776Radio Operator Low Speed
777Radio Operator, High Speed, Automatic
778Radio Mechanic, AACS
782Weather Equipment Technician
784Weather Observer
786Toxic Gas Handler
787Weather Forecaster
789Meteorological Plotter
790Weather Observer / Teletype Technician
791Air Operations Specialist
792Radio Repairman Single Channel Teletype
797Amphibian Truck Mechanic (DUKW)
798Transmitter Attendant, Fixed Station
799Intercept Operator, Fixed Station
801Cryptographic Repairman (designated equipment)
801Harbor master
802Artillery Mechanic, Minor Maintenance
804Camouflage Technician
804Stevedore officer
805Cryptographic Technician
806Code Clerk
806Cargo operations officer
807Dock ordnance officer
807Cryptographer (Code Compiler)
808Cryptoanalysis Technician
808Army transportation control officer
809Boarding officer
809Decontaminating Equipment Operator
810Transport passenger officer
812Ship transportation officer
812Heavy Weapons Noncommissioned Officer
813Transportation NCO's
813Port steward
814Operations NCO's
815Ordnance Supply NCO
815Superintendent, water division
816Pier superintendent
818Railway Transportation Noncommissioned Officer
818Pier officer
819Commissary Steward
820Subsistence NCO
820Master or mate
821Quartermaster Supply Technician
822Utilities NCO
823Marine engineer
824Mess Sergeant
825Medical Supply NCO
825Small boat unit commander
826AAF Supply Technician
830Inland waterways transportation regulating officer
832Master Gunner, Antiaircraft
833Artillery Mechanic, Antiaircraft (automatic weapons) minor maintenance
834Artillery Mechanic, Antiaircraft (gun) minor maintenance
835Supply Clerk
836Sound Recorder, Field Artillery
837Amphibian Track Vehicle Mechanic
838Seaman, Landing Craft
839Marine Engineman
841Artillery Mechanic, Antiaircraft (self-propelled) minor maintenance
842Radar Operator, AN/TPQ (designated model)
843Radar Operator, AN/TPT (designated model)
844Gun Crewman, Light Artillery
845Gun Crewman, Heavy Artillery
846Portable Power Generator Operator
847Prosthetic Dental Supply Clerk
848Parts Clerk Armament
849Radar Mechanic, Troop Carrier
850Radar Mechanic, Night Fighter
851Radar Mechanic, Beacon
852Radar Mechanic RCM
853Radar Mechanic Navigation
854Radar Mechanic Sea Search
855Dental Technician
856Radar Mechanic Sea Search (LAB)
858Medical Laboratory Technician
859Pharmacy Technician
860Radar Mechanic (Gee)
861Surgical Technician
862Radar Mechanic IFF
863Radar Mechanic GCA
864Gun Crewman, Medium Artillery
866Radar Observer Sea Search
867Radar Mechanic Bombardment
868Radio--Teletype Mechanic
869DF Evaluator
870Chemical NCO
877Radio Message Procedure Instructor
878Field Radio Communications Instructor
884Radio Observer Radio Set type V
885Radio Observer Radio Set type M
886Radio Mechanic Radio Set type I
887Radio Mechanic Radio Set type V
888Radio Mechanic Radio Set type F
889Radio Mechanic Radio Set type M
893Facsimile Operator
894Facsimile Technician
899Director Repairman, Electrical, Heavy Antiaircraft Artillery
901Munitions Worker
902Weapons Mechanic Aircraft
903Small-Arms Weapons Mechanic
905Mechanic, Engine, Wheeled Vehicle (Gasoline)
906Mechanic, Chassis, Wheel Vehicle
907Mechanic, Turret
908Mechanic, Chassis, Track Vehicle
909Mechanic, Engine, Track Vehicle
910Air transportation regulating officer
911Weight and balance officer
911Airplane Armorer
912Electrician, Automotive
913Artillery Mechanic, Light
913Priorities and traffic officer, air
914Artillery Mechanic, Heavy
915Artillery, Mechanic, Heavy Antiaircraft
915Service pilot, single engine
916Service pilot, two engine
917Service pilot, four engine
917Director Repairman, Mechanical, Heavy Antiaircraft Artillery
918Fire Control Repairman, Light Antiaircraft Artillery
919Control System Repairman, Heavy Antiaircraft Artillery
921Height Finder Repairman
922Instrument Repairman, Fire Control
923Welder, Armor Plate
924Bomb Salvage Technician
925Aircraft Engineering Technician
926Mechanic, Fuel Induction
927Amphibian Transportation NCO
928Automotive Equipment Mechanic
929Automotive Equipment Operator
930Chief Automotive Equipment Mechanic
931Truck Driver Heavy Trucks
932Special Vehicle Operator
933Instrument Landing Equipment Mechanic
934Amphibian Truck Driver
938AAF Gunnery Instructor
939Aerial Photographer Gunner
940Aerial Photographer
941Camera Technician
942Radiosonde Operator
945Photography Laboratory Technician
946Searchlight NCO
947Signal Communications Instructor
948Radar Mechanic Ground LORAN
949Ammunition Renovator
950Wire Repairman VHF
951Radio Repairman, VHF
952Radio Repairman, Gun-laying Equipment (designated set)
953Radio Repairman, Reporting Equipment (designated set)
955Radar Repairman, Airborne Equipment (Designated Set)
956Airplane Carburetor Repairman
957Airplane Electrical Instrument Mechanic
958Airplane and Engine Electrical Accessories Repairman
959Airplane Mechanical Instrument Repairman
960Remote Control Turret Mechanic
961Airplane Gyro Instrument Repairman
962Optical Instrument Repairman
964Airplane Supercharger Repairman
965Mechanic Automotive - Wheel Vehicle (Third Echelon)
966Mechanic Automotive - Track Vehicle (Third Echelon)
967Air Transportation Technician
968Mine Detector Operator
969Link Celestial Navigation Trainer Mechanic
970Link Celestial Navigation Trainer Operator
973Chief Artillery Mechanic
974Radar Repairman, AN/TPT (designated model)
977Radio Security Technician
978Artillery Mechanic, Light Antiaircraft
979Chemical Warfare Man, General
993Radio Mechanic, PQ Target Airplane
994Servo Mechanic, PQ Target Airplane
1013Air base commander
1014Controller, fighter interception
1022Bomber pilot, two engine
1024Pilot, four engine
1026Glider pilot
1028Flight engineer officer
1029Aerial observer
1030Bombardier, radar, lab (designate set)
1036Navigator - bombardier
1037Navigator - bombardier, radar, lab (designated set)
1042Personal equipment officer
1050Pilot, radio controlled target (PQ type)
1051Pilot, two engine
1054Pilot, single engine
1056Fighter pilot, two engine
1058Night fighter pilot, two engine
1059Jet fighter pilot
1061Tactical reconnaissance pilot, single engine
1062Photo reconnaissance pilot, two engine
1066Helicopter pilot
1067Pilot, multi-engine, amphibian
1076Observation Draftsman
1081Pilot, B-25
1082Pilot, B-26
1083Pilot, A-26
1091Pilot, B-17
1092Pilot, B-24
1093Pilot, very heavy bomber
1094Pilot, B-32
1102Coast artillery unit commander
1105Railway coast artillery unit commander
1112Barrage balloon unit commander
1113Barrage balloon control officer
1116Barrage balloon engineer
1122Underwater ranging unit commander
1132Searchlight unit commander
1143Submarine mine unit commander
1154Sound and flash observation unit commander
1159Coast artillery officer, staff
1160Harbor defense unit commander
1161Harbor entrance control post officer
1164Ground ranging unit commander
1165Seacoast gun data computer officer (designated equipment)
1166Artillery engineer (CAC)
1172Antiaircraft gun unit commander
1174Antiaircraft automatic weapons unit commander
1175Antiaircraft artillery operations officer
1176Composite antiaircraft unit commander
1177Airborne antiaircraft unit commander
1179Antiaircraft officer, staff
1181Guided missiles officer
1183Reconnaissance and survey officer
1187Rocket projector unit officer
1188Fire direction officer
1189Forward observer, artillery
1190Parachute field artillery unit commander
1192Infantry cannon unit commander
1193Field artillery unit commander
1194Pack field artillery unit commander
1195Airborne field artillery unit commander
1197Armored field artillery unit commander
1199Field artillery officer, staff
1203Tank unit commander
1204Armored reconnaissance unit commander
1205Armored mortar unit commander
1207Armored assault gun unit commander
1219Armored force train commander
1222Tank destroyer unit commander
1225Tank destroyer pioneer unit commander
1328General service engineer unit commander
1331Combat engineer unit commander
1336Airborne engineer unit commander
1337Aviation engineer unit commander
1339Parachute engineer unit commander
1342Portable bridge unit commander
1362Amphibian engineer navigation officer
1363Amphibian engineer shore unit commander
1366Amphibian engineer boat unit commander
1367Engineer boat and shore unit commander
1369Control boat commander
1372Boat maintenance and salvage unit commander
1374Diesel engine officer
1376Marine engine officer
1413Chemical mortar unit commander
1414Chemical decontamination unit commander
1415Chemical smoke generator unit commander
1504Infantry demolition and pioneer officer
1510Parachute infantry unit commander
1512Airborne infantry unit commander
1513Mountain infantry unit commander
1524Antitank unit commander
1525Antitank staff officer
1531Gun Crewman, Pack Artillery
1542Infantry unit commander
1560Armored infantry unit commander
1607Heavy Mortar Crewman
1613Horse cavalry unit commander
1620Mechanized cavalry unit commander
1624Cavalry pioneer unit commander
1645Range Section Operator, Antiaircraft
1648Radio Repairman, AN/AMRQ (designated model)
1684Airplane Power Plant Mechanic - Gunner
1685Airplane Electrical Mechanic - Gunner
1736Light Tank Crewman
1766Radio Operator, AN/MRQ (designated model)
1812Light Weapons NCO
1907Gyrostabilizer Mechanic
1922Transport gun crew commander
1930Combat liaison officer
1981Air observation pilot
2010Chief of staff
2011Secretary of the general staff
2018Troop transport officer
2019Post commander
2025Chief or director, major departmental unit
2042Technical and tactical board member
2110Adjutant or adjutant general
2115Recording secretary
2120Administrative officer
2121Administrative inspector
2122Administrative officer, MAS
2124Administrative officer, military government
2136Unit officer, non-tactical
2140Air liaison officer, staff
2145Staff director, WAC
2150Organization and training officer
2154Training publications officer
2158Operations officer, air forces, non-flying
2159Air traffic service officer
2161Operations officer, air forces
2162Operations and training staff officer (G-3, A-3, S-3)
2164Air-ground liaison officer
2165Operations officer, general staff
2166Tactical inspector
2167Research and development coordinator
2170Technical operations officer
2200Military personnel officer
2201Personnel assignment officer
2202Civilian personnel officer
2203Civilian classification officer
2205Director of personnel
2210Classification and assignment officer
2211Personnel procedures officer
2220Military job analyst
2230Personnel consultant
2231Research psychologist
2232Clinical psychologist
2235Vocational and educational guidance
2239Psychological assistant
2250Personnel testing officer
2251Psychologist aviation
2260Personnel staff officer (G-1, A-1, S-1)
2270Personnel procurement officer
2310Recruiting and induction officer
2330Labor relations officer
2331Labor supply officer
2334Manpower requirements officer, selective service
2335Occupational deferment advisor
2336Reemployment officer
2401Machine records officer
2402Machine records control officer
2421Historical editor
2430Graves registration and memorial officer
2431Medical registrar
2500School commandant
2510AAF instructor
2512Instructor, military government
2513Instructor, public administration
2514Instructor, international law
2517Professor of military science and tactics
2520Training officer
2525Director of training
2548Training aids officer
2554Flexible gunnery officer
2556Gunnery and bombing range officer
2600Administrative assistant
2601Administrative assistant, legal
2601Antiaircraft Artillery Gun Crewman
2610Procedures control officer
2611Organization control officer
2613Production planning and control officer
2614Locator file officer
2615Organization and equipment planning officer
2616Plans and policies officer
2617Personnel and training officer
2622Unit officer, training center
2625Logistics officer
2640Troop movements officer
2680Communications inspection officer
2685Visual aids development officer
2700Student officer
2705Academic examinations officer
2706Instructor, teaching methods
2710Instructor, physical sciences
2711Instructor, languages
2712Instructor, English
2714Instructor, social sciences
2720Instructor, civilian defense
2721Instructor, aircraft recognition
2723Instructor, visual communications
2725Instructor, tactics
2726Instructor, Army administration
2727Instructor, depot and supply administration
2728Instructor, command and general staff school
2729Instructor, economic mobilization
2736Medium Tank Crewman
2740Instructor, searchlight and instrument control
2741Instructor, small arms
2743Instructor, artillery gunnery
2744Instructor, tank gunnery
2746Instructor, surveying and mapping
2747Instructor, field engineering
2749Instructor, horsemanship
2750Aerial Engineer
2756Radio Operator and Mechanic, AAF
2780Instructor, machine shop
2781Instructor, welding
2783Instructor, automotive repair
2867Radar Observer - Mechanic, Bombardment
2900Headquarters company commander
2901Headquarters commandant
2902Composite unit commander
2910Service company commander
2967Flight Traffic Clerk
3000Medical officer, staff
3005Medical officer, preventive medicine
3006Medical officer, industrial medicine
3007Malariologist (MC)
3012Hospital administrator
3020Vital statistics officer
3100Medical officer, general
3101Medical officer, tuberculosis
3106Ophthalmologist and otorhinolaryngologist
Code MOS
3108Obstetrician and gynecologist
3138Medical officer, tropical medicine
3150General surgeon
3151Thoracic surgeon
3152Plastic surgeon
3153Orthopedic surgeon
3170Dental officer
3171Oral surgeon, dental
3178Dental officer, staff
3180Physical therapist
3182Diagnostic and therapeutic radiologist
3184Diagnostic radiologist
3200Veterinary officer, general
3201Veterinary officer, large animal
3202Veterinary officer, small animal
3203Veterinary officer, staff
3205Veterinary officer, remount
3221Meat and diary products inspector
3222Meat products inspector
3223Dairy products inspector
3231Veterinary officer, laboratory
3303Medical officer, laboratory
3307Bacteriologist (SnC)
3309Biochemist (SnC)
3310Parasitologist (SnC)
3311Serologist (SnC)
3314Clinical laboratory officer (SnC)
3315Entomologist (SnC)
3316Nutrition officer (SnC)
3318Pharmacy officer
3325Tissue pathologist
3327Aviation physiologist
3340Optometry officer
3416Occupational therapist
3418Physical therapy aide
3420Hospital dietitian
3430Nurse, administrative
3437Nurse, neuropsychiatric
3441Nurse, communicable disease
3442Nurse, pediatric
3443Nurse, operating room
3445Nurse, anesthetist
3446Nurse, obstetrical
3449Nurse, general duty
3500Medical officer, command
3503Ambulance officer
3504Litter officer
3506Medical assistant (MAC)
3601Antiaircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Crewman, SP
3605Psychiatric social worker (MAC)
3736Amphibian Tank Crewman
4000Supply officer, general
4010Supply and evacuation staff officer (G-4, A-4, S-4)
4012Director of supply
4015Quartermaster, staff
4110Mess officer
4112Restaurant officer
4113Mess, supply, and transportation officer
4114Food service supervisor
4120Bakery officer
4121Technical officer, bakers and cooks
4130Subsistence procurement officer
4132Forage inspection officer
4210Army exchange officer
4220Post quartermaster
4221Port quartermaster
4222Sales officer
4305Insurance consultant
4309Renegotiation and contract termination officer
4310Purchasing and contracting officer
4312Real estate officer
4314Production inspection officer
4319Procurement control and production officer
4320Procurement officer
4323Procurement assignment officer
4324Procurement survey officer
4325Priorities and allocations officer
4355Procurement expediter
4360Printing officer
4370Remount officer
4371Dog training officer
4373Remount procurement officer
4400Signal supply officer
4402Maintenance and repair officer, airborne signal equipment
4403International aid supply officer
4404Packing officer
4406Oversea shipment officer
4407Equipment distribution officer
4408Nomenclature officer
4410Supply officer, depot
4411Supply officer, administrative
4413Supply receiving officer
4414Supply shipping officer
4415Signal equipment maintenance and repair officer
4416Supply status officer
4417Railhead officer
4419Quartermaster supply officer
4440Automotive supply officer
4441Lubrication officer
4443Automotive assembly officer
4450Supply depot commander
4451Labor service officer
4465Ordnance materiel processing officer
4466Inspection and surveillance officer
4470Engineer supply officer
4475Railway supply officer
4476Railway fuel agent
4490Medical supply officer
4500Chemical supply officer
4510Munitions officer
4511Submarine mine property officer
4512Ordnance officer, staff
4513Chemical inspection officer
4514Ammunition supply officer
4530Ordnance supply officer
4532Aviation ordnance officer
4541Automotive officer, staff
4600Salvage officer
4601Salvage collecting officer
4602Salvage depot commander
4606Salvage repair officer
4610Repair officer, clothing and textiles
4611Repair officer, leather and rubber
4612Repair officer, canvas and webbing
4613Repair officer, machinery and metals
4620Ordnance evacuation officer
4701Materiel distribution planning officer
4709Labor and warehouse equipment officer
4710Warehouse officer
4712Cold storage warehouse officer
4713Butchery officer
4714Refrigeration officer
4800Ordnance maintenance officer, staff
4801Ordnance shop officer
4803Tank maintenance and repair officer
4805Automotive maintenance and repair officer
4806Fire control instrument repair officer
4807Armory maintenance and repair officer
4808Artillery maintenance and repair officer
4809Power train rebuild officer
4813Ordnance maintenance service officer
4814Ordnance reclamation officer
4815Rocket officer
4818Tire maintenance and repair officer
4820Parachute maintenance officer
4821Flight test maintenance officer
4822Airplane armament officer
4823Aircraft maintenance officer
4824Aircraft torpedo maintenance officer
4825Bombsight maintenance officer
4826Aerial mine officer
4830Laundry officer
4831Clothing and equipment sterilization officer
4832Chemical processing officer
4841Chemical maintenance officer
4850Railway shop superintendent
4851Car repair shop superintendent
4852Boiler and smith shop superintendent
4853Boiler shop superintendent
4854Blacksmith shop superintendent
4855Erecting and machine shop superintendent
4856Locomotive erecting shop superintendent
4857Railway machine shop superintendent
4858Railway work equipment, shop superintendent
4859Railway salvage engineer
4860Air brake shop superintendent
4861Electric locomotive repair shop superintendent
4862Diesel locomotive shop superintendent
4880Engineer equipment maintenance and repair officer
4881Foundry officer
4890Medical equipment maintenance officer
4892Sheet metal and pipe fitting shop superintendent
4894Instrument repair officer
4895Director of maintenance
4901Parachute supply officer
4902Technical supply officer, air
4903Aircraft inspection officer
4910Noise suppression installation officer
4912Grounds maintenance officer
4915Range maintenance officer
4922Experimental shop officer
4925Model maker
4930Property officer
4931Custodial officer
4932Property survey officer
4940Water supply unit commander
4942Forestry officer
4944Gas generating unit commander
4950Billeting officer
4960Petroleum products supply officer
4961Publications distribution officer
4962Gasoline supply officer
4980Warehouse and supply inspection officer
5000Special services officer
5004Information-education officer
5240Music officer
5241Band leader
5250Theater manager
5261Theatrical entertainment director
5400Publications officer
5401Public relations officer
5402Photographic liaison officer
5403Public relations officer, military
5411Newspaper editor
5414Newspaper manger
5420Publications editor
5500Education officer
5503Public education officer
5521Physical training officer
5522Radio program officer
5525Physical reconditioning officer
5553Motion picture art director
5554Handicraft officer
5661Athletic director
5750Insurance information officer
5751Insurance officer
5752War bonds officer
5753Army emergency relief officer
5754Personal affairs officer
5900Public welfare officer
6010Public finance officer
6101Accounting officer
6102Exchange accounting officer
6103Accounting machine officer
6110Auditing officer
6131Price analyst
6132Corporate analyst
6133Financial reviewer
6200Finance officer, administrative
6201Finance officer, disbursing
6301Fiscal officer
6302Budget and fiscal officer
6304Budget officer
6310Payroll officer
6402Statistical control officer
6403Statistical draftsman
6410Economic analyst
6411Labor market analyst
6709Traffic Analyst, G
7003Standardization engineer
7004Division engineer
7010Engineer, staff
7020Public works and utilities officer
7040Technical specification writer
7050Product design and development officer
7052Photographic equipment engineer
7100Construction inspection engineer
7105Construction estimating engineer
7110Construction engineer
7115Landscape architect
7120Utilities maintenance officer
7130Post engineer
7140Highway engineer
7200Marine maintenance and repair engineer
7201Marine design engineer
7210Port marine engineer
7211Ship maintenance and repair officer
7212Marine inspector
7214Amphibian engineer base shop commander
7215Power plant and radio repair officer
7216Hull repair and salvage officer
7217Salvage and dockage officer
7218Boat salvage officer
7219Dockage officer
7221Marine engine repair officer
7222Diesel engine repair officer
7240Port and dock engineer
7242Submarine diver foreman
7300Chemical engineer
7303Ammunition renovating officer
7310Chemical research engineer
7313Barrage balloon gas service officer
7314Chemical officer
7318Organic chemist
7320Munitions production officer
7321Chemical munitions inspector
7322Gas mask inspection officer
7342Ballistics officer
7360Chemical munitions development officer
7380Boiler water treatment officer
7390Oil refining engineer
7391Fuel research engineer
7415Production manager
7416Production expediter
7421Industrial engineer
7422Safety officer
7430Industrial hygienist
7500Mechanical engineer
7501Inspection engineer
7502Air conditioning and refrigeration engineer
7503Heating and ventilation engineer
7505Port mechanical engineer
7507Railway mechanical engineer
7509Automotive research engineer
7510Mechanical research engineer
7531Ship armament officer
7536Technical inspector, air
7539Ordnance proof officer
7540Aeronautical engineer
7601Electronics review officer
7605Submarine mine casemate engineer
7610Electrical research engineer
7611Electrical engineer
7700Telephone engineer
7701Communications engineer
7702Maintenance research engineer, communications equipment
7703Communications specifications officers
7704Telephoto officer
7705Communications standards engineer
7710Telephone and telegraph research engineer
7720Telephone equipment engineer
7723Telephone and telegraph installation and test engineer
7724Telephone and telegraph power plant engineer
7730Telephone transmission engineer
7740Telephone and telegraph traffic engineer
7760Commercial communications engineer
7770Telephone and telegraph outside plant engineer
7790Communications research specialist
7800Telegraph engineer
7820Telegraph equipment engineer
7830Telegraph transmission engineer
7860Radio engineer
7861Radio equipment manufacturing engineer
7862Radio engineer, Direction and range finding radio telephone
7864Radio maintenance and repair officer
7865Consulting communications engineer
7869Radio transcription and sound engineer
7870Radio research engineer
7871Radar planning officer
7872Sound and light research engineer
7881Radio communications officer, liaison
7888Radar observer, R. C. M.
7890Audio engineering officer
7891Radio communications coordinating officer
7892Signal equipment inspection engineer
7899Public communications officer
7901Hydraulic engineer
7914Surveying engineer
7915Topographic engineer
7916Photomapping officer
7917Map reproduction officer
7920Architectural engineer
7921Railway shop maintenance engineer
7922Railway construction engineer
7930Petroleum engineer
7932Pipe line engineer
7950Sewage disposal engineer
7951Waterworks engineer
7953Erosion control engineer
7960Sanitary engineer
7970Airport engineer
7980Drafting and reproduction officer
8000Economics officer, military government
8101Legal officer
8103Judge advocate or judge advocate general
8104Civil affairs officer, military government
8107Legal officer, military government
8110Legal reviewer, contract
8120Legal assistance officer
8123Appeals officer
8125Claims officer
8127Marine casualty investigating officer
8130Patent officer
8204Meteorological project officer
8205Weather engineering and survey officer
8210Meteorological research assistant
8218Weather officer - pilot
8219Weather officer
8500Photographic unit commander
8502Aerial photographic officer
8503Photo interpreter
8511Photography director
8515Motion picture laboratory supervisor
8516Motion picture editor
8517Sound recording officer
8518Animation photography director
8519Film strip production officer
8520Motion picture coordinating officer
8521Scenario writer
8522Film distribution officer
8525Foreign film officer
8530Motion picture cameraman
8537Motion picture producer
8540Still photography officer
8545Microfilm photography officer
8547Medical photographer
8550Motion picture unit manager
8709Traffic Analyst, J
9000Public safety officer
9010Postal inspector
9020Information officer
9100Provost marshal
9101Provost marshal, field
9110Military police officer
9120Internment camp commander
9121Prison officer
9122Escort guard unit commander
9124Internee transfer and movement officer
9125Confinement officer
9126Parole officer
9210Facilities protection officer
9220Security officer, building and equipment
9221Air raid officer
9224Bomb disposal officer
9226Civil affairs officer, internal security
9231Personnel security officer
9240Communication security officer
9260Flying safety officer
9300Military intelligence officer
9301Intelligence staff officer, combat (G-2, A-2, S-2)
9302Counterintelligence officer
9303Foreign liaison intelligence officer
9305Psychological warfare officer
9306Foreign languages propaganda officer
9307Intelligence officer
9310Inspector general
9311Intelligence and security officer
9312Reconnaissance officer
9314Chemical intelligence officer, field
9316Prisoner of war interrogation officer
9318Order of battle specialist
9320Investigations officer
9322Criminal investigations officer
9323Records searching officer
9330Translations officer
9335Censorship officer
9340Enemy equipment identification officer
9401Fire fighting unit commander
9414Fire marshal
9415Fire prevention officer
9511Camouflage officer
9600Cryptanalytic officer, general
9601Cryptanalytic officer, code
9602Cryptanalytic officer, chemical
9603Cryptanalytic officer, equipment
9604Cryptanalytic officer, translations
9605Radio traffic analysis officer
9606Cryptographic equipment maintenance and repair officer
9610Security officer, cryptographic
9620Security officer, classified materials


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