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Name Assigned
Raborn, Albert   
Raborn, Herbert 30th ID    118th FA Bn
Raborn, John   
Rabreau, John   
Rabreau, John 30th ID   120th IR
Rabuazzo, Agostino 29th ID   115th IR
Rabuck, Warren 29th ID   116th IR
Rabuck, William 29th ID   175th IR
Rabun, Alvin   
Rabun, Carl 30th ID   119th IR
Rabun, Hardwick 4th MARDIV   
Rabun, Willie 2nd MARDIV   
Rabuse, Charles   
Raby, James   
Raby, John   
Raby, Ralph 1st MARDIV   
Raby, Robert   
Racan, Thomas 6th MARDIV   
Racana, Anthony 6th MARDIV   
Racciatio, John 1st MARDIV   
Raccuia, Albert 30th ID   119th IR
Race, Arnold 3rd MARDIV   
Race, Robert 5th MARDIV   
Race, Vern 30th ID    113rd FA Bn
Racener, Joe 2nd MARDIV   
Racette, Gaston 30th ID   120th IR
Racette, Hubert 30th ID   120th IR
Racey, Fred 29th ID   115th IR
Racey, Fred 29th ID   115th IR
Racey, Max 3rd MARDIV   
Rach, Albert 1st MARDIV   
Rachal, Dave 30th ID   117th IR
Rachal, John 35th ID   134th IR
Rachald, Avin 1st MARDIV   
Rachek, John   
Rachford, Frederick   
Rachitsky, John 2nd MARDIV   
Rachlin, Edward 29th ID   115th IR
Rachlin, Mitchell 30th ID   117th IR
Rachner, Clarence 29th ID   115th IR
Rachwal, Joseph 30th ID    743rd Tank Bn
Racicot, Dennis 30th ID   117th IR
Racicot, Felix   
Racicot, Gerard 4th MARDIV   
Racina, Samuel 30th ID   119th IR
Racine, Arthur 29th ID   175th IR
Racine, Charles 29th ID   115th IR
Racine, Francis 30th ID   120th IR
Raciti, Carmen 2nd MARDIV   
Racke, George 3rd MARDIV   
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