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Name Assigned
Ibarra, Louie 30th ID   117th IR
Ibbotson, John 3rd MARDIV   
Ibe, Raymond 30th ID   119th IR
Iberti, Egidio   
Ibey, William 1st MARDIV   
Ibinson, Thomas 2nd MARDIV   
Icampo, Terensio 3rd MARDIV   
Icard, Georgejr 29th ID   175th IR
Icard, Glenn 6th MARDIV   
Icaza, Frank 5th MARDIV   
Ice, Herbert 4th MARDIV   
Ice, Robert 2nd MARDIV   
Ice, Robert 1st MARDIV   
Iceman, Harley 29th ID   115th IR
Icenhower, Joseph   
Icenhower, Oliver 2nd MARDIV   
Icenogle, Robert 6th MARDIV   
Iciek, Thaddeus 30th ID    823rd TD Bn
Ickes, Alvin 1st MARDIV   
Ickes, Charles   
Ickes, Donald 5th ID   7th IR
Ickes, Earl 29th ID   115th IR
Ickes, Max 5th MARDIV   
Ickes, Raymond 3rd MARDIV   
Iddings, George 29th ID   116th IR
Ide, Francis 1st MARDIV   
Ide, Richard 29th ID   115th IR
Iden, Rubin   
Iding, Clifford 4th MARDIV   
Idle, William 2nd MARDIV   
Idle, William 29th ID   115th IR
Idleman, Woodrow 5th MARDIV   
Idnowoski, Edward 30th ID   119th IR
Idol, Charles 35th ID   134th IR
Idoux, Paul 5th MARDIV   
Iehl, Norman 1st MARDIV   
Iehtonen, Aarne 30th ID   120th IR
Iencarelli, Rocco 1st MARDIV   
Iengo, Anthony 2nd MARDIV   
Iezzi, Chester 1st MARDIV   
Iffert, Bernard 8th ID   28th IR
Iffland, Erich 35th ID   
Ifland, Robert   
Igleburger, Theodore   
Igleheart, Martin 4th MARDIV   
Ignaszak, Joe 5th ID   11st IR
Ignatious, William   
Ignatius, Stanley 3rd MARDIV   
Ignatowicz, Richard 6th MARDIV   
Ignatowski, Ralph 5th MARDIV   
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