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Honor Roll List

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Name Assigned
F, Dale 30th ID   119th IR
F, Harry 30th ID   
F, Joseph 30th ID   119th IR
F, Joseph 30th ID   
F, Sigmund 30th ID   117th IR
Faaborg, Otto 30th ID    743rd Tank Bn
Faacks, Daniel 30th ID   120th IR
Faas, George   
Faas, James 2nd MARDIV   
Faatz, Stephen   
Fabayo, Ademola   
Fabbio, Joseph 30th ID   117th IR
Fabbri, Allesandro   
Fabbro, Albert 5th MARDIV   
Fabel, Don 29th ID   175th IR
Faber, Edward 30th ID   120th IR
Faber, James   
Faber, Russell 35th ID   
Faber, Theodore 29th ID   175th IR
Faber, Theodore 29th ID   175th IR
Fabert, Edward   
Fabian, Andrew   
Fabian, John 29th ID   115th IR
Fabian, Louis   
Fabian, Nicholas 30th ID    105th Med Bn
Fabian, Samuel 1st MARDIV   
Fabian, Sheldon 30th ID   120th IR
Fabian, Stanley 4th MARDIV   
Fabian, Turner 30th ID   118th IR
Fabiano, Charles 29th ID   115th IR
Fabich, Matthew 94th ID   301st IR
Fabin, John 35th ID   
Fabio, Jorgen 29th ID   175th IR
Fabiochi, James   
Fabion, John 4th MARDIV   
Fabisack, Edmund 2nd MARDIV   
Fabisch, Lester 5th MARDIV   
Fabiszewski, Mathew 29th ID   175th IR
Fabozzi, Michael 29th ID   175th IR 1st BN
Fabre, Joseph 5th MARDIV   
Fabrega, Salvador   
Fabregas, Clarence 30th ID   117th IR
Fabregas, Peter 4th MARDIV   
Fabrick, Vincent   
Fabris, John   
Fabrizio, Cosmo 35th ID   134th IR
Fabrizio, Frank   
Fabrizio, Gaetano 29th ID   115th IR
Fabrizio, Oswald 6th MARDIV   
Fabrizzio, Samuel 1st MARDIV   
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Honor Roll

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