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Name Assigned
Aalbu, Arna 35th ID   134th IR
Aamodt, Kenneth 30th ID   119th IR
Aamodt, Morris   
Aamot, Arthur   
Aarhus, Thoralf 30th ID   117th IR
Aaron, Alfred 30th ID   120th IR
Aaron, Colie 30th ID   
Aaron, R 5th ID   7th IR
Aaron, Raymond 3rd MARDIV   
Aaron, Robert 82nd AB   505th PIR
Aaron, Thurman 30th ID   
Aaronson, Julius   
Aaronson, Mortimer 34th ID   133rd IR 3rd BN
Aas, Ernest 30th ID    743rd Tank Bn
Aasen, Noel 4th MARDIV   
Aasheim, Raymond 1st MARDIV   
Aasvik, Invard 1st MARDIV   
Abad, Joseph 30th ID   120th IR
Abadie, John 2nd MARDIV   
Abady, Herman 1st MARDIV   
Abair, Warren 3rd MARDIV   
Abar, Floyd 30th ID   
Abarca, Manuel 29th ID   116th IR
Abarczyk, Edmond 30th ID   119th IR
Abare, Francis 35th ID   
Abaszewski, Jerry 29th ID   116th IR
Abata, Joe 30th ID   
Abata, Joe 30th ID    823rd TD Bn
Abate, Carl 2nd MARDIV   
Abate, Fernando 30th ID   117th IR
Abate, George 1st ID   18th IR
Abate, George 82nd AB   505th PIR
Abate, Vincent 6th MARDIV   
Abate, William 29th ID   116th IR
Abatiello, Joseph 4th MARDIV   
Abbalee, Joseph 35th ID   
Abbamonte, Edward 30th ID   
Abbas, John 3rd MARDIV   
Abbate, Francesco 5th ID   2nd IR
Abbate, Henry 1st MARDIV   
Abbate, Jack 1st MARDIV   
Abbate, Matthew   
Abbatiello, Albert 5th MARDIV   
Abbatiello, Joseph 29th ID   115th IR
Abbatiello, Louis 3rd MARDIV   
Abbe, Dean 82nd AB   505th PIR
Abbe, Edward 29th ID   115th IR
Abbe, Rufus 2nd MARDIV   
Abbes, Henry 30th ID   117th IR
Abbet, Griswold   
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