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4th Infantry Division

4th Infantry Division, Order of Battle in Vietnam.

1st Battalion, 8th Infantry
2nd Battalion, 8th Infantry (Mechanized)
3rd Battalion, 8th Infantry
1st Battalion, 12th Infantry
2nd Battalion, 12th Infantry
3rd Battalion, 12th Infantry
1st Battalion, 14th Infantry
1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry
2nd Battalion, 22nd Infantry
3rd Battalion, 22nd Infantry
1st Battalion, 35th Infantry
2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry
2nd Battalion, 34th Armor
1st Battalion, 69th Armor
2nd Battalion, 9th Artillery (105 mm)
5th Battalion, 16th Artillery (155 mm)
6th Battalion, 29th Artillery (105 mm)
4th Battalion, 42nd Artillery (105 mm)
2nd Battalion, 77th Artillery (105 mm)
1st Squadron, 10th Cavalry (Armored) Division Reconnaissance
4th Aviation Battalion
4th Engineer Battalion
4th Medical Battalion
124th Signal Battalion
704th Maintenance Battalion
43rd Chemical Detachment
4th Military Intelligence Company

Reconnaissance elements
Company E, 20th Infantry (Long Range Patrol)
Company E, 58th Infantry (Long Range Patrol)
Company K (Ranger), 75th Infantry (Airborne)

4th Administration Company
4th Military Police Company
374th Army Security Agency Company (In Vietnam as the 374th Radio Research Company)
Division Support Command and Band

4th Infantry Division Vietnam Missing in Action

There are 22 soldiers of the 4th Infantry Division Vietnam still listed as missing in action.

Staff Sergeant Walter A. Cichon 8th Infantry Regiment 03/30/1968
Staff Sergeant Curtis R. Cline 12th Infantry Regiment 09/18/1969
Staff Sergeant Raymond G. Czerwiec 12th Infantry Regiment 03/27/1969
Staff Sergeant Joe L. DeLong 8th Infantry Regiment 05/18/1967
Staff Sergeant Dickie W. Finley 2nd Brigade 10/21/1968
Staff Sergeant Dennis L. Gauthier 12th Infantry Regiment 10/31/1969
Staff Sergeant Vincent F. Giammarino 22nd Infantry Regiment 06/27/1968
Major Kenneth B. Goff 08/24/1967
Staff Sergeant Eugene A. Handrahan 12th Infantry Regiment 10/10/1968
Staff Sergeant Frederick D. Herrera 4th Engineer Combat Battalion 03/25/1965
Staff Sergeant Prentice W. Hicks 8th Infantry Regiment 03/25/1969
Specialist 4 John H. Hoeffs 8th Infantry Regiment 11/28/1966
Staff Sergeant William D. Johnson 12th Infantry Regiment 01/19/1968
Staff Sergeant Clarence A. Latimer 12th Infantry Regiment 03/30/1969
Staff Sergeant Barry A. Olson 8th Infantry Regiment 09/26/1968
Private First Class Vernie H. Powers 12th Infantry Regiment 12/24/1967
Staff Sergeant Richard D. Roberts 8th Infantry Regiment 03/25/1969
Staff Sergeant Floyd H. Robinson 8th Infantry Regiment 03/12/1969
Major Richard J. Schell 08/24/1967
Staff Sergeant James F. Schiele 12th Infantry Regiment 07/12/1967
Sergeant William M. Smith 8th Infantry Regiment 03/03/1969
Staff Sergeant Donald J. Trampski 14th Infantry Regiment 09/16/1969

4th Infantry Division Vietnam Recovered Missing in Action

There are 3 soldiers of the 4th Infantry Division Vietnam that have been identified and recovered.

Sergeant Anund C. Roark 12th Infantry Regiment Missing: 05/16/1968, Recovered: 5/31/1968
Sergeant Albert W. Romine 12th Infantry Regiment Missing: 05/16/1968, Recovered: 5/31/1968
Staff Sergeant James L. Van Bendegom 12th Infantry Regiment Missing: 07/12/1967, Recovered: 3/21/1986

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