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1st Infantry Division

The 1st Infantry Division, aka Big Red One, continued their storied history in the US Army with participation in Vietnam.   In 1965, they were the first divisional unit deployed with the 2nd Brigade doing the honors in July.  Their sector and command was known as III Corps and they engaged Viet Cong (VC) and regular North Vietnamese Army (NVA) forces in the jungles northwest of Saigon to the Cambodian border.  Many battles occurred along the Highway 13 corridor and various spurs North-Northwest of Saigon on the road to An Loc.

During the enemy Tet Offensive of 1968, the 1st Infantry Division secured the Tan Son Nhut Airbase the primary hub for air operations within all of Vietnam.  They returned to their home at Fort Riley, Kansas in 1970.

Unit Nicknames

Black Scarves

On 30 April 1966 in a sweep through the village of Lo Go, the 1st Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment was engaged in heavy fighting and captured a large quantity of black cloth; this was used by the Viet Cong to make their “black pajama” uniforms. The battalion commander, LTC Richard Prillaman directed that this cloth be made into scarves to be worn by the battalion’s soldiers creating their nickname "Black Scarves".

Black Lions

The 2nd Battalion, 28th Regiment led by battalion commander, Lt. Colonel Terry Allen the son of Major General Terry Allen Sr. who led the 1st Division during the North African Campaign of World War II.  Lt. Col. Allen was KIA in 1967 during the battle of Ong Thanh.



1st Brigade
2nd Brigade
3rd Brigade

1st Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment
2nd Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment (Mechanized)
1st Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment (Mechanized)
1st Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment
1st Battalion, 18th Infantry Regiment
2nd Battalion, 18th Infantry Regiment
1st Battalion, 26th Infantry Regiment
1st Battalion, 28th Infantry Regiment
2nd Battalion, 28th Infantry Regiment

1st Battalion, 5th Artillery Regiment (105mm)
8th Battalion, 6th Artillery Regiment (155mm)
1st Battalion, 7th Artillery Regiment (105mm)
6th Battalion, 15th Artillery Regiment (105mm)
2nd Battalion, 33rd Artillery Regiment (105mm)
Battery D, 25th Artillery (Target Acquisition)

Aviation Units
1st Aviation Battalion (Airmobile)
162nd Aviation Company (Airmobile)
173rd Aviation Company (Airmobile)
Troop C, 16th Cavalry (Air)

Division Reconnaissance
1st Squad, 4th Cavalry Regiment (Armored)
11th Pathfinder Company (Provisional)
Company F, 52nd Infantry (Long Range Recon)
Company I, 75th Infantry (Ranger)

Division Support Units
1st Engineer Battalion
1st Medical Battalion
1st Supply & Service Battalion
121st Signal Battalion
1st Administrative Company
701st Maintenance Battalion
1st Military Police Company
327th Army Security Agency Company
242nd Chemical Detachment
266th Chemical Platoon
17th Military History Detachment
1st Military Intelligence Company
43rd Public Information Detachment
44th Public Information Detachment

3rd Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment
5th Battalion, 60th Infantry Regiment (Mechanized)


Hump (1965)
Bushmaster I (1965)
Bushmaster II (1965)
Abilene (1966)
Marauder (1966)
Crimp II (1966)
Rolling Stone (1966)
Attleboro (1966)
Cedar Falls (1967)
Junction City (1967)
Manhattan (1967)
Billings (1967)
Shenandoah II (1967)
Quyet Thang (1968)
Operation Toan Thang (1968)
Atlas Wedge (1969)
Dong Tien (1969)


Ap Bau Bang (1965)
Ap Nha Mat (1965)
Ap Tau O (1966)
Lo Go (1966)
Srok Dong (1966)
Minh Thanh Road (1966)
Xom Bo II (1967)
Ong Thanh (1967)
Thunder Road (1969)
Lam Son II
Paul Bunyan
Bu Dop, AKA, Battle of Hill 172
An L?c
An L?c II


Defense 1965
Counteroffensive 1965–1966
Counteroffensive, Phase II 1966–1967
Counteroffensive, Phase III 1967–1968
Tet Counteroffensive 1968
Counteroffensive, Phase IV 1968
Counteroffensive, Phase V 1968
Counteroffensive, Phase VI 1968–1969
Tet 69/Counteroffensive 1969
Summer-Fall 1969
Winter-Spring 1970


Major General Jonathan O. Seaman
Major General William E. DePuy
Major General John H. Hay
Major General Keith L. Ware - KIA 13 September 1968
Major General Orwin C. Talbott, CG, 1968-Aug. 1969
Major General A. E. Milloy CG, Aug 1969

1st Infantry Division Vietnam Missing in Action

There are 8 soldiers of the 1st Infantry Division Vietnam still listed as missing in action.

Private First Class Morris F. Dibble 2nd Infantry Regiment 12/05/1965
Sergeant George J.B. Eisenberger 2nd Infantry Regiment 12/05/1965
Staff Sergeant Walter Ferguson 2nd Infantry Regiment 08/23/1968
Staff Sergeant Paul L. Fitzgerald 28th Infantry Regiment 10/17/1967
Staff Sergeant Olin Hargrove 28th Infantry Regiment 10/17/1967
Staff Sergeant Earl E. Shark 28th Infantry Regiment 09/12/1968
Staff Sergeant Roger W. Swanson 2nd Infantry Regiment 10/31/1968
Staff Sergeant Edward C. Upner 2nd Infantry Regiment 12/05/1965

1st Infantry Division Vietnam Recovered Missing in Action

There are 1 soldiers of the 1st Infantry Division Vietnam that have been identified and recovered.

Sergeant First Class Edward D. Reilly 16th Infantry Regiment Missing: 04/26/1966, Recovered: 4/27/1989

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