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196th Infantry Brigade

196th Infantry Brigade, Order of Battle in Vietnam.

• 2d Battalion, 1st Infantry
• 3d Battalion, 82d Artillery
• 3d Battalion, 21st Infantry
• 1st Battalion, 46th Infantry
• 4th Battalion, 31st Infantry

• Troop F, 8th Cavalry (Air)
• Troop F, 17th Cavalry (Armored)
• 1st Squadron, 1st Cavalry (Armored)
• 64th Infantry Platoon (Combat Tracker)
• 48th Infantry Platoon (Scout Dog)
• LRRP, 196th Infantry Brigade (later reflagged as Co E, 51st Infantry)

• 8th Support Battalion
• 175th Engineer Company
• 23rd Military Police Company
• 408th Radio Research Detachment (ASA)
• 635th Military Intelligence Detachment, Team 2
• 544th Military Police Platoon
• 687th Signal Company
• 196th Signal Company (Prov)
• 27th Chemical Detachment
• 10th Public Information Detachment
• HHD & Band, 196th Support Battalion (Prov)
• 569th Military Intelligence Detachment
• Company C, 37th Signal Battalion, 1st Signal Brigade (62nd. Co.)

Operations as a separate Brigade (15 July 1966 – 25 September 1967)
• Cedar Falls
• Gadsden
• Lancaster
• Attleboro
• Junction City
• Benton

Operations as a part of the Americal Division (25 September 1967 – June 1972)
• Wheeler/Wallowa
• Golden Fleece
• Fayette Canyon
• Frederick Hill
• Lamar Plain
• Elk Canyon I
• Elk Canyon II

196th Infantry Brigade Vietnam Missing in Action

There are 7 soldiers of the 196th Infantry Brigade Vietnam still listed as missing in action.

Staff Sergeant Porter E. Calloway 21st Infantry Regiment 03/11/1968
Staff Sergeant Paul A. Hasenbeck 32nd Infantry Regiment 04/21/1967
Major William E. Lemmons Headquarters 06/18/1967
Staff Sergeant Thomas A. Mangino 31st Infantry Regiment 04/21/1967
Staff Sergeant Richard R. Rehe 21st Infantry Regiment 01/09/1968
Staff Sergeant Derri Sykes 21st Infantry Regiment 01/09/1968
Staff Sergeant David M. Winters 31st Infantry Regiment 04/21/1967

196th Infantry Brigade Vietnam Recovered Missing in Action

There are 2 soldiers of the 196th Infantry Brigade Vietnam that have been identified and recovered.

Corporal Frances E. Cannon 21st Infantry Regiment Missing: 01/08/1968, Recovered: 8/14/1985
First Sergeant Richard F. Williams 21st Infantry Regiment Missing: 01/08/1968, Recovered: 8/14/1985

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