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187th Airborne Infantry Regiment


187th Airborne Infantry Regiment Korea Missing in Action

There are 38 soldiers of the 187th Airborne Infantry Regiment Korea still listed as missing in action.

Private First Class Albert E. Atkins 05/23/1951
Sergeant First Class Joseph P. Aucoin 10/22/1950
Corporal Joe R. Baldonado 11/26/1950
Sergeant First Class William E. Coale 10/21/1950
Sergeant First Class John F. Coco 06/23/1953
Sergeant First Class Robert R. Cummings 11/29/1950
Corporal Daniel Dulin 10/21/1950
Private First Class Leon Dureiko 12/04/1950
Sergeant First Class Raymond A. Ferguson 11/25/1950
Private First Class Charles C. Follese 11/30/1950
Corporal Dennis A. Gilbert 10/21/1950
Corporal Bernard J. Gilroy Medical Company 10/21/1950
Private Robert L. Graham 11/24/1950
Private First Class Claud Greene 10/21/1950
Corporal Louie E. Hutton Service Company 05/25/1951
Sergeant Edward Hyatt Service Company 07/15/1951
Corporal Earl B. Kresen 11/29/1950
Private First Class Luciano M. Maldonado 10/21/1950
Corporal Michael Mascara 02/13/1951
Sergeant Edmund R. Maury 11/29/1950
Corporal James L. McEvoy 187th Airborne Infantry Regiment 05/15/1951
Private First Class Donald McGowan Service Company 06/30/1951
Corporal Gerard J. McKiernan 11/29/1950
Sergeant Lawrence A. Meredith 02/13/1951
Sergeant Louis Montoya 11/30/1950
Sergeant Norman F. Morris 06/22/1953
Corporal Arthur R. Musgrave 11/29/1950
Private First Class Jesse L. Preston 11/29/1950
Private Norman E. Renfrow 10/21/1950
Corporal John Richetta 10/21/1950
Private First Class Ernest S. Santesse 06/23/1953
Corporal Gerald I. Shepler 11/29/1950
Private First Class Jim C. Shreves 10/21/1950
Sergeant First Class Ernest E. Smith 10/21/1950
Private First Class Thomas C. Stagg 11/29/1950
Corporal Walter M. Sweatt 11/29/1950
Corporal Edward F. White 11/29/1950
Private First Class Delmont Williams 06/23/1953

187th Airborne Infantry Regiment Korea Recovered Missing in Action

There are 3 soldiers of the 187th Airborne Infantry Regiment Korea that have been identified and recovered.

Corporal Charles E. Ivey Missing: 11/29/1950, Recovered: 5/24/1956
Sergeant Phillipp A. La Londe Missing: 05/23/1951, Recovered: 9/14/1994
Corporal Billy J. Latham Missing: 10/21/1950, Recovered: 4/12/2007

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