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12th Army Air Force

The 12th Air Force was constituted and activated 20 August 1942 moving to England in the fall. On to North Africa in November 1942 and remaining in the Mediterranean for the duration of World War II. Initially composed of all bomber types and fighters it became a more tactical organization in later 1943 until the conclusion of the conflict.

12th Air Force World War II Group Rosters and Honor Roll.


Lieutenant Colonel Roger J. Browne, 26 Aug 1942
Lieutenant Colonel Harold L. Neely, 28 Aug 1942
Major General James H. Doolittle, 23 Sep 1942
Lieutenant General Carl Spaatz, I Mar 1943
Lieutenant General John K. Cannon, 21 Dec 1943
Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin W. Chidlaw, 2 Apr 1945
Brigadier General Charles T. Myers, 26 May - 31 Aug 1945

WWII Stations

Bolling Field, DC, 20-28 Aug 1942
England, 12 Sep-22 Oct 1942
Algeria, 9 Nov 1942
Tunisia, 10 Aug 1943
Italy, 5 Dec 1943-31 Aug 1945

World War II Campaigns

Air Combat, EAME Theater
Algeria-French Morocco
Southern France
North Apennines
Po Valley

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