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101st Airborne Division

101st Airborne Division, Order of Battle in Vietnam.

• 1st Battalion, 327th Infantry
• 2nd Battalion, 327th Infantry
• 2nd Battalion, 502nd Infantry
• 2nd Battalion, 320th Artillery
• Troop A, 2nd Squadron 17th Cavalry
• 101st Support Battalion (Provisional)
• Company A, 326th Engineer Battalion
• Company D, 326th Medical Battalion
• Company B, 501st Signal Battalion
• 20th Chemical Detachment
• 181st Military Intelligence Detachment
• 406th Army Security Agency Detachment

Tiger Force founded by Colonel David Hackworth in November 1965 was the nickname of a long-range reconnaissance patrol unit[38] of the 1st Battalion (Airborne), 327th Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade (Separate), 101st Airborne Division.

Defense (1st Brigade only)
Counteroffensive (1st Brigade only)
Counteroffensive, Phase II (1st Brigade only)
Counteroffensive, Phase III
Tet Counteroffensive
Counteroffensive, Phase IV
Counteroffensive, Phase V
Counteroffensive, Phase VI
Tet 1969/Counteroffensive
Summer-Fall 1969
Winter-Spring 1970
Sanctuary Counteroffensive
Counteroffensive, Phase VII
Consolidation I
Consolidation II

101st Airborne Division Vietnam Missing in Action

There are 16 soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division Vietnam still listed as missing in action.

Warrant Officer First Class Jay S. Aston 101st Aviation Battalion 07/18/1971
Major Jack L. Barker 101st Aviation Battalion 03/20/1971
Warrant Officer First Class George P. Berg 101st Aviation Battalion 02/18/1971
First Lieutenant Alan B. Boffman 101st Aviation Battalion 03/18/1971
Captain Keith A. Brandt 101st Aviation Battalion 03/18/1971
Private First Class John J. Chubb 101st Aviation Battalion 03/20/1971
Specialist 5 Elliott Crook 101st Aviation Battalion 05/16/1971
Specialist 4 Walter E. Demsey 101st Aviation Battalion 02/18/1971
Sergeant William E. Dillender 101st Aviation Battalion 03/20/1971
Captain John F. Dugan 03/20/1971
Chief Warrant Officer Second Class Craig L. Farlow 101st Aviation Battalion 05/16/1971
Sergeant Timothy J. Jacobsen 101st Aviation Battalion 05/16/1971
Specialist 4 Gary L. Johnson 101st Aviation Battalion 02/18/1971
Warrant Officer First Class William M. Konyu 101st Aviation Battalion 04/16/1969
Captain Joseph P. Nolan 101st Aviation Battalion 05/16/1971
Warrant Officer First Class Gerald E. Woods 101st Aviation Battalion 02/18/1971

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